Mon Nom Est Rouge

Collection – Sculptures Olfactives

The perfumer – Cecile Zarokian

I am on the petals of roses and on the wounds of war.

My name is red.


I am scarlet or carmine. I embody desire, passion, seduction and strength.

I reveal myself and catch the eye.


But what does being a colour really mean?

If you had to describe me to a person blind from birth, what would you say?


Well, you see, I am primarily a feeling.

If I were a fabric, I would be velvet.

If I were a flavour, I would fill the mouth with a taste of flesh and blood.


And if I were a perfume?

I would be both powerful and enveloping, 

vivid, scandalous and enchanting; 

I would be reassuring and narcotic, majestic and hypnotic.

Les flacons de collections

True works of art, these collectors’ objects are hand made by our master glassmaker, following ancestral techniques of lost-wax casting in which each mould is broken after the production of each piece. 

Collectible bottle in a wooden box, including a 120ml refill and one perfume funnel.

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