The Métissages association


The Métissages association was created by Majda Bekkali in 2021.

It is a French non-profit association, intended to create and develop in rural Morocco, a social and solidarity economy around the weaving of Amazigh carpets.

The association aims above all to protect rural women without resources, in precarious or distressed situations, rejected by their families. In addition to housing, we offer these women training in traditional carpet weaving.

This ancestral craft is transmitted to them in order to allow them to earn a decent living through fair trade. The association gives them 100% of the sales proceeds.

By weaving wool and silk threads, the women also weave bonds of solidarity and complicity with each other.

We offer them shelter, together with their children, in a spacious, warm and secure place.

Why weaving?

Very old, traditional weaving is still used in many parts of the world. In Morocco, in Amazigh country, weaving remains a feminine art.

Much more than a utilitarian or decorative object, the Berber rug or weaving constitutes the medium for silent writing.

This symbolic language is directly related to femininity, its metamorphoses and the invisible forces of life.

It is close to our hearts within Métissages to perpetuate this tradition, which is rich in meaning and which allows women to place themselves as the subjects of their creations and the object of their reflections.


Who are these women, guardians of this silent language?


The Amazighs, commonly called Berbers, are one of the original peoples of human civilization of which they represent one of the roots.

Apart from written history; the vision of the world of this people and its values are deciphered on the tattooed skin of the women, on their pottery and their weavings. These patterns constitute a secret and silent feminine language and are the mirror of their inner life.

Transmitting this ancient knowledge will contribute to the financial and psychological emancipation of rural women.

The children

We know that the education and well-being of children depends primarily on the prosperity of mothers. But we also know that the well-being and tranquility of mothers depends on that of their children.

This is why within the estate, not far from the weaving workshop, we have set up a kindergarden. Under the responsibility of our educator, the children practice educational and fun activities there, and learn to read and write.

We ensure that the children of the weavers have access to the necessary medical care and we organize collections of clothing and school materials for their benefit several times a year.

We have also set up a child sponsorship system.

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