Fusion Sacrée - clair

Collection – Olfactive Sculptures

The perfumer – Bertrand Duchaufour

A delicate trace unwinds
A fragile line goes forth
Towards the imminence of a chance meeting
Promised fusion.

An implacable frontier stands and signals
The impossible communion of beings.
A desire vibrant and imperial dreams of defying
this insurmountable border
The tension is extreme
Fanciful fusion?

Fusion constantly postponed
Which condemns the shortness of breath and the feverish glance
To remain before the temple door.

Something rises
Managing an ambivalent leap
Both towards and away from itself
A qualitative leap, a sense of intimate realisation
A magical duality which both allows and risks the blend
of heavenly unions
A sacred fusion

The collector flacons

True works of art, these collectors’ objects are hand made by our master glassmaker, following ancestral techniques of lost-wax casting in which each mould is broken after the production of each piece. 

Collectible bottle in a wooden box, including a 120ml refill and one perfume funnel.

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