Collection – Andalus

The perfumer – Delphine Thierry

Inspiration Lace mineral, fortress openwork Caressed by centuries of light. Jealous of the shadow it shelters, it allows only a daring ray to filter. An unexpected perfume playing on a warm-cold effect, combining strength and delicacy.

Mudéjar art Mudejar is a syncretic, hybrid art that developed in Andalusia between the 12th and 16th century. Sacred and profane buildings have been built in a rich and fertile architectural vocabulary, combining artistic, technical and symbolic contributions from different cultures and horizons. The stone has gone through the centuries. It recalls in a stunning way, the happy artistic and symbolic mixture of the three monotheistic cultures that Andalusian land has united. The hands of the Mudejar craftsmen have carved, engraved, painted, sculpted this eternal testimony. The churches are decorated with arabesques, with arches overstepped, and chased plaster. The bell-towers are in the form of minarets. The palaces enclose treasures of ceramics and interior courtyards worthy of those of Damascus. These elements produced a moving style of great artistic interest.

The perfume This perfume is a walk. First, it takes us through the flower garden, the freshness of the citrus makes the heat softer (spices, wood). We stand for a moment in front of this imposing, mineral building. We seek the protection of its walls and cross its threshold. The darkness welcomes us; a ray of light illuminates the center. A wet smell mingles with the comforting fragrances of woodwork and fumigations.

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